Double Blue

Premium Blended Whisky

Double Blue made its debut in March of 2014 and was the first premium whisky to be launched by ADS Spirits. Available in all our areas of operation, the sales volumes of Double Blue are proof to the great feedback and love this blend has received.


Double Blue, from the distilleries of ADS Spirits India, promises to change the way you look at IMFL for the drinker wanting to balance quality and pocket-friendliness. Introduced to the world as a premium blended whisky it is available on all wine shops in our areas of operation.

Double Blue Premium Blended Whisky is a smooth full bodied blend of carefully selected best quality Indian Grain spirits mixed with one of the finest quality peated malts, which are distilled in copper pot stills and matured in bourbon casks for several years, along with scotch malts from the Scotland resulting in a delicately balanced whisky.


Whisky lovers know that great whisky isn’t made in a day and it takes years of experience with the master blender as well as months of perfecting the blending technique. With our state of the art distillery and experienced blenders, Double Blue is a great success story.