The Generation

Premium Blended Whisky

Launched to the Indian markets in March 2016, The Generation is a premium brand loved by patrons who have not experienced such aromas in this league. If you haven’t experienced this masterful blend, we urge you to go to your nearest bar, pub or enjoy your favourite drink at home.


Whisky is a drink of the experienced drinker who is able to appreciate and differentiate a great drink from a good drink. We invite them to try The Generation, which is a drink we have launched into the Indian market after years of research and masterful blending.

The Generation Premium Blended Whisky is a smooth full bodied blend made from unique quality scotch malts from the highlands and preserved in the finest quality of oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years with carefully selected Indian Grain spirits. It reflects the passion of the master blender to create a full bodied premium whisky having well balanced malt, woody aroma and character with lingering, mellow taste.


Our most premium blend, at par with global brands on quality, The Generation has been priced extremely competitively. We understand that our most important customers are looking for a masterful blend that is their regular go-to brand. This is what The Generation will become. Try it today and experience it for yourself.